Possible ACL issues with LSCache for Joomla

The site in question has numerous levels of ACL user groups, which are well established and are working as intended.

We've only recently been introduced to LScache. The site in question is using lscache-1.1.0 with Joomla 3.8.6 on LiteSpeed server. We have installed it according to the LiteSpeed instructions on this page:
  • All other cache plugins are disabled.
  • LitesSpeedCache Plugin is ENABLED
  • .htaccess script added
The issue:
  • When the user is not logged in, Developer Tools reports: "X-Litespeed-Cache: miss" (not "hit")
  • When the user is logged in, and
    • "Show Cached Content for Logged-in Users" is disabled, Developer Tools makes no reference X-Litespeed-Cache, at all.
    • "Show Cached Content for Logged-in Users" is disabled, Developer Tools reports: "X-Litespeed-Cache: miss".
We have successfully installed LScache on another site using the same methodology, but that does not have custom ACL user groups or custom viewing privileges. On that site, Developer Tools reports: "X-Litespeed-Cache: "hit".

I'm thinking the problem with the first site must be related to one of the custom ACL user group mappings, but even using ACL Manager, I'm not sure how to identify and mitigate the conflict, since LiteSpeed does not appear in the permissions list.

I'm not sure how to proceed. Any guidance or suggestions form the community would be greatly appreciated.