LSLB and gzip compression?

I can enable gzip compression on the load balancer or on the http nodes. But I'm not sure what is best?

If I enable http compression on the nodes, I can have litespeed webserver cache gzip compressed files.
If I enable http compression on the load balancer, I cannot have a cache (not supporte d until lslb 2.0).

But what happens if I disabled compression on lslb and enable it on the no router login des? Will lslb just pass the compressed pages? Or will lslb server uncompressed pages to the visitors?
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You should enable both compression on ADC and backend nodes.

You should also cache static files on ADC just like enabling static file cache on CDN service.

If compression not enabled on ADC, will be uncompressed static files to visitors.

Here compression means static files, not pages.