LSCache v5.5 for WordPress Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v5.5

In this release: crawler improvements, bug fixes, and more!

* **Crawler** Can now use multiple sitemaps. (Tobolo/Tim Nolte)
* **Crawler** Now runs asynchronously when manually invoked.
* **Crawler** Now runs asynchronously when invoked from cron.
* **Crawler** Fixed the realtime status bug when crawling.
* **Crawler** Summary page now displays server load. (Ruikai)
* **Page Optimize** Fixed an issue where UCSS could not be generated for error pages. (james58899) #556
* **Image Optimize** Now pulls images asynchronously.
* **Image Optimize** Now prevents concurrent requests via a locking mechanism.
* **Image Optimize** The process can now bypass invalid image records and continue.
* **Image Optimize** Fixed an issue where images ready for optimization might have to wait for new images to be added before sending the request.
* **Cloud** Replaced dashboard links with login/link to actions.
* **GUI** Added indicators to show when certain options are passively enabled by Guest Mode.
* **Htaccess** Added a noabort rule to support asynchronous crawling.
* **Htaccess** The "Do Not Cache User Agents" option is now case-insensitive. (Ellen Dabo)
* **General** The "Server IP" option now allows IPv4 format only. (Ruikai)
* **Misc** Every page's closing HTML comments now displays UCSS/CCSS status.
* **Object** Fixed a warning for null get_post_type_object.
* **Object** Object_Cache::delete now always returns a boolean value.
* **Cache** Fixed advanced-cache.php file warnings for WordPress versions less than 5.3.
* **Debug** Added debug logging to record the plugin's total processing time.
* **API** HTML minification can now be bypassed via the litespeed_html_min filter.

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