LSCache for WordPress v3.6 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v3.6

In this release: improvements to page optimization, bug fixes, and more!

* **WebP** Added WebP support on Safari Big Sur or Safari v14.0.1+. (@ruikai)
* **Config** Fixed an issue where new installations were not getting the correct default .htaccess content.
* **Crawler** Will auto bypass empty sub-sitemap instead of throwing an exception. (@nanoprobes @Tobolo)
* **Crawler** Now using React for Cookie Simulation settings instead of Vue.js. Dropped Vue.js.
* **Crawler** Dropped `Sitemap Generation` (will only use 3rd party sitemap for crawler).
* **CSS** Added `CSS Combine External and Inline` option for backward compatibility. (@lisa)
* **Object** Forbid .object-cache.ini visits. (@Tarik)
* **Page Optimize** Dropped `Remove Comments` option to avoid combine error.
* **CSS** Added a predefined CSS exclude file `data/css_excludes.txt`.
* **CSS** Excluded Flatsome theme random inline CSS from combine.
* **CSS** Excluded WoodMart theme from combine. (@moemauphie)
* **Page Optimize** Excluded Newspaper theme dynamic CSS/JS from CSS/JS Combine.
* **CSS** Added predefined JS defer excludes list. (@Shivam)
* **JS** `data-no-defer` option now supports inline JS. (@rafaucau)
* **Media** Lazyload inline library is now bypassed by JS Combine.
* **Admin** Fixed WP-Admin console ID duplicate warnings.
* **Cloud** Dropped sync options that have long been unused.
* **CSS** Dropped `Unique CSS File` option (UCSS will always generate unique file, will use whitelist to group post type to one CSS).
* **GUI** Dropped Help tab.
* **Test** Added 3.5.2 to version list.

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