LSCache for WordPress v3.5.2 Now Available

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LSCache for WordPress v3.5.2

In this release: improvements to JS and CSS optimization, bug fixes, and more!

3.5.2 – OCT 27 2020
[CSS] CSS Combine is now compatible w/ inline noscript CSS. (@galbaras)
[GUI] Added ability to manually dismiss the JS option reset message in v3.5.1 upgrade process. (#473917)
[CSS] CSS Excludes setting will no longer lose items beginning w/ #. (@ankit)
[API] New litespeed_media_reset API function for image editing purposes. (@Andro)

3.5.1 – OCT 20 2020
[JS] Inline JS containing nonces can now be combined.
[JS] Reset JS Combine/Defer to OFF when upgrading to avoid breaking sites.
[JS] Added new option JS Combine External and Inline to allow backwards compatibility.
[JS] Added Inline JS Defer option back. (@ankit)
[Page Optimize] Dropped Inline JS Minify option and merged the feature into JS Minify.
[JS] Pre-added jQuery to the default JS excludes/defer list for better layout compatibility for new users.
[JS] Excluded Stripe/PayPal/Google Map from JS optimization. (@FPCSJames)
[JS] Allowed excluded JS to still be HTTP2 pushed. (@Joshua)
[CCSS] Critical CSS now can avoid network pollution from other sites. (@ankit)
[Toolbox] Beta Test now displays recent public versions so it is easier to revert to an older version
[Vary] Server environment variable Vary can now be passed to original server from for non-LiteSpeed servers.
[ESI] Improved backward compatibility for ESI nonce list. (@zach E)
[Misc] Fixed failure of upgrade button on plugin news banner and made cosmetic improvements.
[Doc] Added note that LSCWP works with ClassicPress.

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