LSCache for PrestaShop v1.3 Now Available

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LSCache for PrestaShop v1.3

In this release: enhancements for product comment blocks, and more!

NEW FEATURE Added built-in support for caching product comments block.
- Allow setting a different TTL for product comments since there is no auto purge when comments are updated.
- Allow purge all comments block, or purge comments for a particular product ID In LSCache management page.
NEW FEATURE Added a dedicated LSCache Vary cookie for AMP.
NEW FEATURE Added built-in support for promokit pspagebuilder and pk_amp modules.
- pspagebuilder will handle header with sign-in block and cart block
- pk_amp will support AMP view using the new built-in AMP vary cookie.
IMPROVEMENT Third Party Module Integration Improvements:
- Added predispatch hook point.
- Allow adding extra public cacheable controllers.
- Added hook point for adding cache tags.
- Module integration is now based on Module::isEnabled instead of Module::isInstalled.
UPDATE LSCache will be automatically purged when Smarty Cache is purged from Admin backend performance page (PS 1.6 & PS 1.7).
UPDATE Improved compatibility with PS 1.6 for hook registration method.
UPDATE Display current module version on LSCache config screen in Admin dashboard.
UPDATE Allow purge by shop ID from LSCache management screen in Admin dashboard.

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