Litespeed servers seem like a marketing scam, are they really faster?

There are so many users on Reddit saying that Litespeed (Open Litespeed) servers are "faster" than Nginx and then when other people ask them for evidence they just disappear or they say they saw some benchmarks tests online and provide no links or information.
Literally the only case study I have seen showing Litespeed to be fast was a case study they published on their own website. It is even more dishonest that they tell everyone to install their bloated "LS Cache" plugin for WordPress, which async all the javascript on your website to make it seem like its loading faster (and often ends up breaking your website too)... I mean if their server is SO GOOD then why is their bloated minify/cache plugin required to achieve results
So I want to know, has any reputable and independent DevOps expert actually concluded with fair comparison testing that Litespeed outperforms Nginx? I think this is a hilarious claim because I have never seen any case studies concluding this. And knowing that Litespeed is just a repackaged version of Apache servers (meant mostly for shared hosting companies who want to put hundreds of websites on the same web server with a cPanel license) then it makes it even funnier for me.....
From what I have witnessed, it seems that most Litespeed "fans" don't actually know anything about Linux, Nginx, web servers, or DevOps, but just want to look cool and so they repeat this shit from other people on the internet to feel justified in overloading their $10 cPanel server with 50+ websites from their clients, because they aren't skilled enough to use Nginx.
If you look at the top 100++ websites on Alexa, like every single one of them uses Nginx almost or maybe Lighttpd in some rare cases. Even the new Caddy server is more lightweight.
Seriously is anyone using "Litespeed" except for shared hosting companies selling WordPress hosting? Or random wannabes setting up a VPS with a cPanel license?
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