Layout appearence problem on mobile devices after installed, configured and activated LSCache for Joomla!

Hi there.
I have installed LSCache plugin for Joomla! and configurated as in the attachement. Everything works fine, except the mobile layout, which doesn't looks always like it should be. Somethimes it shows the right layout, sometimes it shows some strange container padding on homepage and section pages mobile view.
When I activated LSCache, I deactivated the Memcached option from global configuration, deactivated the conservatory cache from there and disabled all plugins related to caching (JotCache). I cleared the cached, edited the .htaccess as in the Documentation.
Please, can someone help us?
The website address is
We have another website ( which has the same configuration, same LSCache plugin version activated and works fine, without any layout breakout.
Kind regards!


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Hi Eric,
Yes. I have done that but no luck at all. Now I have disabled separate view for mobile, purged the cache and I see it is working. I will let you know if it is the same all day or the layout breaks again.