How do I install cyberpanel on AWS instance please?

Using AWS Marketplace I have installed CyberPanel and would now like to use this to administer an instance we have running. As the instance is already set up, how do I go about 'applying' the CyberPanel to the instance please?
A link to idiot proof instructions would be great.

As far as I can tell I can only see that the instance needs to be created after the install of cyberpanel and I already have one running.
Am I getting this all wrong and I can't so this? Is it that cyberpanel needs its own instance like a T2 Micro and then when it's running on that you log into the cyberpanel admin area and add other instances from this?

Finally, if this is possible to do, but beyond my technical knowledge in your opinion (that's pretty much most things!), can you suggest an installation comany that would be trusted to do the installation for us?