Frontend Upload Image And Slow Website Problem In Wordpress While using Bimber Theme and Litespeed Plugin.

Hello Dear Friends,

I'm using Bimber Wordpress Theme. It is a front upload editor base website. All users can submit their post, list, quiz and etc. Im using also Snax plugin for fornt end upload system. I have a problem since I have been using this theme. My serves is in Turhost. My Server information is this.

E5 , Nvme SSD , cPanel , Litespeed base , powerful server
Sharing hosting 2 core cpu + 4 GB ram
Old version of snax there was no problem please help
Serves is in ISTANBUL - TURKEY

I have a series problem. How can I set snax plugin pages for cache l. I'm using litespeed. Should it be non cacheble page for list i have a big problem mostly three list page for uploading too slow from computer. Then there is no way to upload image from url (Upload failed. Image file is too big or its size couldn't be verified.)
There is a problem.

The biggest problem is on list post type

The problem is too much time to upload an image from computer. Then when I tried to upload an image, 20 second later for example its done. However there is no visible image if I dont refresh the page. Sometimes I tried to refresh it. It is still not visible. Please help me !
Thank you for your effort.
I have created test account for you, then you can try to upload image

Username : testaccount

Password : test123456

Thank you for your support. I have another question, if you dont mind can you check the upload an image from your computer. The loading time is too much like 20 second.

UPLOAD Failed.jpg
not allowed.jpg

Also the test results or not good for my website.

Here is the results.


PINGDOM: pingdom.JPG



It was too slow. So I tried to use another helper plugin which is autoptimization, async javascript, opcode plugin, wp-optimize, Memcached Redux ,WP REST Cache still too slow.
If I understand the problem, I will help another people to type a article about this problem. Lots of people are using Bimber wordpress theme from Envato Themeforest.

Litespeed :

LiteSpeed Report Number
Report number: VIMBDSDB

Report date: 07/18/2019 06:15:40

Report is in attachment


My website URL :

If you have time please help me :) My email adress is also If you want I can give it. I dont know the forum rules. So I didnt type it.

From Izmir