Editing Dns record for Quic cloud cdn

i tried to follow the example given while editing/creating the dns record

A Origin ----> xx.xxx.xxx.xxx
Cname www ---> muzzmusic.com
Cname muzzmusic.com ----> c45497.tier1.quic.cloud
i believe i need to resolve muzzmusic.com to origin.muzzmusic.com but its saying i have an A, AAAA, cname with this host

i am cureently confused and i dont know how to continue from here. My site is curreently unavailable with the above settings.
I use cloudflare dns
My site loads without www
Site url: https://muzzmusic.com/


Staff member
Hi @olusegun

Your Cname muzzmusic.com ----> c45497.tier1.quic.cloud is correct, but it doesn't look like it is pointed this way.
You do not need to point it to `origin.yourdomain.com`, since quic.cloud acts as a reverse proxy and will point to your origin server itself.

You just need to make sure your CNAME for without www is pointing correctly and without the Orange Cloud.
So that means this is how it should be?
Cname muzzmusic.com ----> c45497.tier1.quic.cloud
Cname www ----> muzzmusic.com

Please let me know if i am right

Thanks in advance