quic cloud

  1. A

    Using LS Crawler, x-qc-cache: miss

    I’m using Lightspeed Cache plugin for Wordpress and Quic Cloud CDN. Everything seems to be set correctly on both ends. Crawler successfully crawls and caches site every 11,000 seconds. However, I am getting x-qc-cache: miss for first visit. Then, second visit is lightning quick with a “hit.” I...
  2. sibipaul

    Can I use Quic Cloud + Cloudflare Together?

    Hi, I'm Using Digital Ocean + Cent OS + Litespeed Ent + Cyber Panel + WordPress + LS Cache My Domain is on Namecheap... I Added my site in Cloudflare, DNS setup to my server... The site is now UP and Serving... Now, WordPress Dashboard - LS Cache - CDN - ( Quic OFF + CDN Maping OFF ) -...
  3. sibipaul

    What is Quic Cloud CDN, How it is Better Than Others?

    Hello... Team Litespeed and its Experts... Currently, I'm using AWS Cloudfront CDN... Before, I used Key CDN... Now, I heard about some New Technologies... Quic Cloud CDN and JSDeliver CDN ( Open Source ) JSDeliver is Using Popular CDN Services to Provide it for FREE. I won't use it for...
  4. O

    Editing Dns record for Quic cloud cdn

    i tried to follow the example given while editing/creating the dns record A Origin ----> xx.xxx.xxx.xxx Cname www ---> muzzmusic.com Cname muzzmusic.com ----> c45497.tier1.quic.cloud i believe i need to resolve muzzmusic.com to origin.muzzmusic.com but its saying i have an...