Can anyone tells me if lscache is working on this site or not?

Im confused with all the info going on the net about working/not working lscache and cant find the "X-LiteSpeed-Cache: hit " on the response so here is header. can you guys please tell me if lscache is working on this website? the reason im asking is because on the "cpanel > LiteSpeed Web Cache Manager > Flush LSCache > Flush All" says "cache directory not found". note that this is a WP website and the lscache plugin is installed and activated.

Request URL: https://*****.com/
Request Method: GET
Status Code: 200 OK
Remote Address:
Referrer Policy: no-referrer-when-downgrade
Alt-Svc: quic=":443"; ma=2592000; v="39,43,46", h3-22=":443"; ma=2592000
Cache-Control: max-age=0, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate
Connection: Keep-Alive
Content-Encoding: gzip
Content-Type: text/html; charset=UTF-8
Date: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 13:54:46 GMT
Expires: Sat, 26 Jul 1997 05:00:00 GMT
Last-Modified: Wed, 18 Sep 2019 13:54:45 GMT
Link: <https://*****.com/wp-json/>; rel=""
Link: <https://*****.com/>; rel=shortlink
Pragma: no-cache
Transfer-Encoding: chunked
Vary: Accept-Encoding
X-LiteSpeed-Cache-Control: public,max-age=604800
X-LiteSpeed-Tag: 1a7_front,1a7_URL.6666cd76f96956469e7be39d750cc7d9,1a7_F,1a7_Po.195,1a7_PGS,1a7_
Accept: text/html,application/xhtml+xml,application/xml;q=0.9,image/webp,image/apng,*/*;q=0.8,application/signed-exchange;v=b3
Accept-Encoding: gzip, deflate, br
Accept-Language: en-US,en;q=0.9,fa;q=0.8,pt;q=0.7,es;q=0.6
Cache-Control: max-age=0
Connection: keep-alive
Cookie: PHPSESSID=5ebe88d80d2db15ab6363ebcb07092fa; ip2location_redirection_first_visit=1568813797; _ga=GA1.2.489109177.1568813801; _gid=GA1.2.968800620.1568813801; crisp-client%2Fsession%2F15cfc2ae-fc7f-409c-9406-9f2ef719be17=session_9bd0b632-60da-4bf7-b5c0-687bfd70496a
DNT: 1
Host: ******.com
Sec-Fetch-Mode: navigate
Sec-Fetch-Site: none
Sec-Fetch-User: ?1
Upgrade-Insecure-Requests: 1
User-Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/77.0.3865.75 Safari/537.36