X-LiteSpeed-Location - Can only access public_html

Hi everyone,

hopefully this isn't some silly question - i've just been around the ropes and had to change a script to allow downloads via an X-LiteSpeed-Location header. Only problem i have is that i can't have the .zip files outside of the public_html directory.
I have the script set up so that if the file is <25mb, it will be delivered via PHP - however anything above and it'll send the X-LiteSpeed-Location header to access the file directly.
The PHP delivery method accesses the files outside of public_html no problem but once it uses the direct access method I get a 404 file not found error omegle xender.
There is no .htaccess file set up in the directory.

Can anyone enlighten me as to if there may be a setting or something i can change or where to look?

Otherwise my only option is to move them to a web accessible location and somehow (i've no idea) not allow them to be downloaded by direct URL access?
Any suggestions?? thanks..
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You can create a hidden context (alias) for directory holding those files. Can use rewrite rule to test against %{REQUEST_URI} to make sure it is not a direct hit.