Strange Solaris Issue

LSWS Version: 3.3.21/Standard
OS: Solaris 10 sun4u (64-bit)

For some reason the Solaris version of Litespeed searches for a "httpd" executable in the bin directory:

2008-10-29 09:20:49.675 [ERROR] [/appl/lsws/bin/httpd] is not a valid executable.

# strings lshttpd.3.3.21 | grep 'bin/httpd'

The Linux version does not have this.

I originally thought that maybe httpd should be a symlink to lshttpd, but that's definitely not true lshttpd is already running! I then got a complaint that one of our CGI's wasn't running. I noticed that lscgid wasn't running. So I got the hunch of symlinkning lscgid to httpd. Sure enough, that fixed the problem!

So the question is on Solaris, why is lshttpd trying to exec() lscgid as 'httpd'? :)