[Solved] LiteSpeed, mod_lsapi, CloudLinux, opcache security setting?

Does anyone know if this https://ma.ttias.be/mitigating-phps-long-standing-issue-opcache-leaking-sensitive-data/ is a current security issue with mod_lsapi as well and if these recommended settings should be made?

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As the article states, it has been fixed by PHP. You can also try set value yourself in php.ini.
Hi Pong

It does say that it is fixed IF the additional settings are made MANUALLY in the settings. Not with the default configuration.
Now - it seems like these settings may introduce some additional overhead into the system for each script call.
And so the question stays - is it necessary in a LiteSpeed, mod_lsapi, CloudLinux environment to make these settings or are the users somehow isolated by the way PHP is run in such an environment?