Reduce initial server response time

Reducing the initial server response time is crucial for optimizing website performance. To achieve this, several steps can be taken. Firstly, optimizing the server's configuration and hardware can improve response time. This involves choosing a reliable hosting provider, utilizing a content delivery network (CDN), and implementing caching mechanisms. Additionally, minimizing the server's processing time by optimizing database queries, reducing the number of HTTP requests, and compressing files can significantly enhance response time. Lastly, employing techniques like asynchronous loading, using efficient coding practices, and optimizing network latency can further reduce the initial server response time and improve overall website performance.
Quality of build.

So at one end of the scale is a WordPress site with 100 plugins and no caching solution. At the other, LCP could also be caused by a complex build using a large front end framework .

Performance is quite often a secondary concern for developers. Can you work out how it's built?
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