Quick help! - Regex for splitting a string

I want to split the string in following manner. Here are my strings for example:
"Hello this is a string.-2.34 This is an example1 string."
"Hello this is another string.3.53 This is an example2 string."
Please note that "" is a U+F8FF unicode character.

I want to have 3 broken parts of the string:
"Hello this is a string.","-2.34"," This is an example1 string."
"Hello this is another string.","3.53","This is an example2 string."

I have written a regex to split the string but using this I cannot get the numeric part that I want. (-2.34 in first string)
My code:
import re
import os
from django.utils.encoding import smart_str, smart_unicode

text = open(r"C:\data.txt").read()
text = text.decode('utf-8')

pat = re.compile(u"\uf8ff-*\d+\.*\d+")
newpart = pat.split(text)
firstpart = newpart[::1]

print ("first part of the string ----")
for f in firstpart:
f = smart_str(f)
print ("-----")
print f

I am still a learner and I'm sure there is a better way of doing this. Please help!