Purge Mobile cache

Hi, in my Joomla website when I use "Purge Input Urls" the mobile cache of those urls does not clear, not even doing it repeatedly. The only way I have to clear the mobile cache of a single url (or multiple URLs) is to purge all the website cache, but that's not the case.

The cache is cleared normally for the desktop. Why is the plugin not working as it should?

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I note that in recent posts the authors have answered themselves, the support of Litespeed Cache for Joomla is unfortunately non-existent, unlike that of Wordpress.

I therefore turn to the Joomlers present to ask if they have experienced the same issue, or if they can tell me which settings could affect this aspect.

Many thanks
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Sorry I don't use mobile template, I'm with responsiveness, so just one template/cache for all.

Ok so, first I guess you have applied the rewrite rule that is suitable for mobile templates in the htaccess ?
And you activated "Separate View for Mobile Device" setting ? (I suppose it's yes...)
Hi webmastergreg, thank you for your reply. Yes, htaccess was correct, and also I activated "Separate View for Mobile Device" setting.

I also tried to activate this setting in the Joomla cache configuration, but it could be irrelevant.


I've cleared the cache of some single pages, and it seems to work on mobile too :rolleyes:

As I expected, the setting in the Joomla cache configuration is ininfluent, and I still have the problem.

A nuisance, because for example when I publish new articles, from mobile devices it is not possible to view them in the homepage because the cache is not cleared and the purge urls does not work for mobile.

How do i get support? Do I have to ask in the Wordpress forum?