Problem with Multiple SSL Certificates

I'm running Litespeed 4.011 on Linux 2.6.27.

This server hosts some 5 or 6 domains all of which point to the same IP address and 2 of which are set up for SSLhave associated SSL certificates.

I have 4 listeners, all listening to the same IP address (there is only one), one listening to port 80, one listening to port 8080 and 2 (ssl ones) listening to port 443 (which, I guess, is where the problem lies).

I have separate virtual hosts for each domain, including separate virtual hosts for each of the open and secure versions of the 2 ssl protected domains.

Although each port 443 listener is associated with a different virtual host, I get an error when Litespeed re-boots and tries to listen to the second iinstance of port 443.

I need to have 2 different domain names, each using different SSL certificates running on the same server, accessed by the same IP address and port number.

How do I configure Litespeed to enable this??
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Please use one listener for port 443 only, multiple listeners on the same port may cause the issue.
To apply a dedicated SSL certificate to specific domain, please goto virtual host > SSL tab and add the cert from there.