pkgng support for FreeBSD


Is lsws ever going to be a proper package that can be installed & managed with pkg?

If it's not on the todo list, how would you feel if I create & maintain a port for the free version that would make installing it on BSD much easier and would also make it conform to bsd hier(7)? Would I get support from litespeedtech creating it?

I'd be willing to create and maintain the port regardlessrouterlogin, but I'm not going to bother if you're already working on making it a package for FreeBSD. Or, if I converted the current distribution to a proper package, would litespeedtech consider using the changes for a later release?

The same goes for OpenLiteSpeed, which also doesn't seem to be in ports.

Let me know, thanks!
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LiteSpeed Staff
We have no plan to make it available through pkgng for FreeBSD.
So yeah, if you would like, you can go ahead building the package. but it wont be the official distribution method.