Opengraph not working properly on Litespeed, needs some config tuning?

i have two servers at moment: the new one with Litespeed and the old one with Nginx.
Now i'm carrying all websites on the new one, but i've experienced that Opengraph is correctly working on Nginx, but not properly working now on Litespeed.

I'm keeping many (SAME) websites on both servers at the same time and i'm experiencing that the ones on the Litespeed server is not working ONLY on WhatsApp desktop, if i debug the websites on Litespeed with Opengraph debugger or post a link on Facebook or if i share by mobile WhatsApp it works well like the Nginx version on the old server.

Only Whatsapp desktop won't load the Opengraph on new Litespeed server. While on the old server all is perfectly working.
Maybe some setting needs to be tuned on Open Litespeed Webadmin console?

Somebody experienced a similar issue?