Missing semicolon in LiteSpeed-generated UCSS files

1) OS type and Version: macOS Monterey v12.4

2) LiteSpeed Version (Version Number + Model: Standard/Enterprise): v5.2.1

Hello, my website vasogroup.com is using LiteSpeed Cache with quic.cloud CDN support.
Ever since I started using quic.cloud, the CDN Page Optimization log has been constantly throwing this UCSS error for multiple pages (see attached photo):

unable to parse undefined:\n<css input>:1:98249: Missed semicolon\n\t1: -> :1em;opacity:.9;line-height:.75,padding:\n\t2: pector>.ab-item:before{content:\"\\f348\";t\n\t3: \n\t4: \n\t5: * Font Awesome Free 5.15.3 by @fontawesome - https://fontawesome.com\n\t6: * License - https://fontawesome.com/license/free (Icons: CC BY 4.0, Fonts: SIL OFL 1.1, Code: MIT License)\n

I finally found the above error line of code in this file: https://www.vasogroup.com/wp-content/litespeed/css/ef05a8a9ef3a28b77a8d60cac7484355.css?ver=1d4bc
I'm not sure if this line of code shows up in any other CSS files. Not sure if this is a result of Elementor's CSS generator or LiteSpeed's minify CSS tool, but judging from the file's link, it seems like LiteSpeed generated this file. Appreciate any guidance into this problem.

I have not been able to replicate this bug because I don't know how it was caused in the first place. I'd be very happy to provide more information if needed. Thanks!