LSWS + {Tomcat,Resin,...} on shared hosting


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Currently we have an LSWS setup running on our shared hosting platform with PHP4 and 5 with SuExec. This works perfectly.
We would like to offer JSP support as well. Is there an howto available for this? I saw on the wiki that there are plans to create one.

What are the best practices for this? Which server is recommended? (Tomcat? Resin? Others?) How do you make sure the user's scripts are executed by their user, just as with SuExec for PHP? How to integrate this into LSWS?

Any tip is welcome!


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You have to use a backend java servlet engine, either Tomcat or Resin should be fine. You can use AJP or Proxy interface to the servlet engine. There probably is not possible to do SuEXEC as running a servlet engine for each user is too expensive.