Litespeed webadmin cannot access

  1. I created litespeed server A with google cloud image, then I created a image of A. The webadmin of server A can be accessed from my MacBook.
  2. Then I created B from image of A, the webadmin cannot be accessed from my MacBook, but it can be accessed from my iPhone by mobile data.
  3. I have done with 'ufw allow 7080' , also added 7080 rule for google cloud.
  4. It is a weird problem and I have been confused by it for a long time.
Anyone can help me?
I don't have recent experience with them because I walked away and refunded my LTD a couple of years ago. But I log into my old account once every couple of months to see any improvement, and so far I only see changes, which means they are spinning in circles. True, ServerAvatar also went through multiple UI changes but they vshare built upon one another and improved the user experience every time. Cloudpages lthey did not just rearrange the same furniture in the same room.
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