LiteSpeed Web Server v6.2 - release question


I have litespeed web server 6.1.2(8). I see that litespeed 6.2 came out few days ago. For the moment we have not the ability to auto-update yet. But my question is for this:
[Security] More strict request header validation.
The version 6.2 have a security fix.
My question: Is that security fix an urgent or we can wait for auto-update to come out and make the update from 6.1.2(8) automatically to 6.2 through WHM?

Also for LSCache for WordPress v6.0. I read among others:
Conf: CloudFlare CDN setting vulnerability patch.
Is also an urgent update from security perspective? By default at server we have

Thanks in advanced.


Staff member
For LSWS header validation, that's a minor tweak to request header validation.

For the "CloudFlare CDN setting vulnerability patch ", here's the reason "The "Domain" input field under CDN > Cloudflare API lacks proper input validation."
And here is the code in case you might be interested.