Litespeed vs Apache server for WP?

I currently run a wp/woocommerce site that's been optimized as far as I can take it for an Apache server.
MySQL memory optimized, WP Rocket, MaxCDN
VPS: 2 cores, 2 gigs of ram, SSL
The site offers about 50 different services and updates & cycles through orders every hour. I will also have some free web based tools available.
My biggest bottleneck is probably PHP with around 70 requests to the server.
From what I've been reading Litespeed is still faster, but I'm not sure if I'll see much of an improvement if my apache server is already optimized. Also, it's not very clear to me what some of the limitations may be. The last thing I want is to change web servers to find parts of my site stopped functioning.
Do I need to worry about my PHP scripts not working with LiteSpeed, or can Litespeed handle everything you could throw at an apache server? Mobdro
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You can optimize Apache as most you can, but it will never be as fast as LiteSpeed. This is based on different architecture of both webservers. To understand the difference on an easy way read this:

LiteSpeed is Apache compatible. That means every functions or PHP script running on your current Apache server will run with LiteSpeed without any modifications. LiteSpeed supports Apache directive and configuration.