Litespeed + vBulletin Caching

Hi All.

We need some help with implementing caching with vbulletin.
Mainly, when users are logged in we can refresh the page and can see other users usernames which is becuase litespeed is caching all content.

I have followed this guide but am still at a loss as to the correct htaccess setup.

I note the cookie name is bb but we use vb. What is the right htaccess rules to ensure we cach as much as possible without caching user login cookies and other login details. ?

For testing I added this

<IfModule LiteSpeed>
RewriteEngine On
RewriteRule .* - [E=cache-control:max-age=360]

The site was super fast but the users were seeing other users logins.

Also in this link we can see there is a plugin but it doesnt provide details on how to add this and utilize it.

We would love someone to assist with htaccess rules to enable litespeed cache while not caching users that are logged in to vbulletin.

Thank you


Staff member
The thread you refer to is pretty old one and it may or may not be good for your vbulltin version. If you know bulletin well, you can try to work out rewrite rules by excluding admin URL and logged in user to be cache. You can also check with your developer for the correct rewrite rule to exclude logged in.

by the way, seems you should use this thread instead of web server one.