Litespeed + Tomcat 5.5 howto?

I've been evaluating Litespeed for possible deployment on our site and so far I've been impressed in every aspect. We will most likely purchase a permanent enterprise license in the coming week.

Right now I'm about to start testing the JSP processing backend. I have not been able to make it work though unfortunately. My knowledge of Tomcat is limited. :roll:

Tomcat responds on host:8080 and the tomcat hello test jsp pages have been deployed and are available at host:8080/servlets/

Litspeed config:
On server level I have configured an External App called Tomcat 5.5.
Adress: localhost:8009
Also I've added a scripthandler for .jsp that uses the External App.

On a certain virtual host I have defined a Java Web App context:
URI: /servlets/
Servlet Engine: Tomcat 5.5 (server level)
index files: index.jsp

http://host/servlets/ just responds "500 Internal Server Error".
Litespeed log says "Premature end of response header" as well as "[localhost:8009] Connection refused, restart!"

Any ideas?


LiteSpeed Staff
Thank you for your praise.

Your configuration looks fine to me.
You need to make sure that the AJP connector on port 8009 is enabled.
Try "telnet localhost 8009".
Configuration for AJP connector is in tomcat/conf/server.xml

If the the AJP connector does not work very well, you can just use LSWS's proxy interface to talk to tomcat on port 8080, you need to manully configure all servlet contexts if proxy is used.