LiteSpeed LScache for phpbb2.x and phpbb3.x [available]


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After many hours of hard work I proudly present LScache for phpBBx extension (simplified).

- no extension; only .htaccess must be changed
- 2 different versions
- compatible with phpbb2.x and phpbb3.x
- Cache available for not logged in users
- Tag based cache control to set different TTL for frontpage, search.php, viewforum.php, viewtopic.php and more
- Can be customized/extended with RewriteRules
- Cache warmup with modified LScrawler script (script included), (cron ready, faster, customized for phpBB)
- Tag based purge of cache (cron ready)
- Server/PUSH (static sources preload with LSWS support)
- optimized cache-control for better browser caching
- Ready-2-Run (only .htaccess has to be changed)
- and much more

Link for Download is coming soon.


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It is already finished, but wait for version 6 of LSWS, because version 6 has some improvements that phpBB will get benefits that are not possible in current version. phpbb is tricky to use with HTTP cache, because of a strange architecture philosophy from previews versions that is still available in current phpbb version. With improvements in version 6 of LSWS I can bypass this issue. That's why I don't release it.

Anyway, you keep on provoke with your comments, but you expect to get a cache solution for your forum. You should think about what you are saying. It's only on me to share a cache solution for phpbb, but if you don't stop insulting I could lose motivation to share it.


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I am currently hosting a phpbb forum on a private server while hosting my website through; my main question is has anybody had any experience doing something like PhpBB or other forum software on Wordpress framework? I am not really even sure what’s out there as I only use PhpBB because I remember using it 5 or more years ago

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