LiteSpeed LScache for phpbb2.x and phpbb3.x [available]


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After many hours of hard work I proudly present LScache for phpBBx extension (simplified).

- no extension; only .htaccess must be changed
- 2 different versions
- compatible with phpbb2.x and phpbb3.x
- Cache available for not logged in users
- Tag based cache control to set different TTL for frontpage, search.php, viewforum.php, viewtopic.php and more
- Can be customized/extended with RewriteRules
- Cache warmup with modified LScrawler script (script included), (cron ready, faster, customized for phpBB)
- Tag based purge of cache (cron ready)
- Server/PUSH (static sources preload with LSWS support)
- optimized cache-control for better browser caching
- Ready-2-Run (only .htaccess has to be changed)
- and much more

Link for Download is coming soon.


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It is already finished, but wait for version 6 of LSWS, because version 6 has some improvements that phpBB will get benefits that are not possible in current version. phpbb is tricky to use with HTTP cache, because of a strange architecture philosophy from previews versions that is still available in current phpbb version. With improvements in version 6 of LSWS I can bypass this issue. That's why I don't release it.

Anyway, you keep on provoke with your comments, but you expect to get a cache solution for your forum. You should think about what you are saying. It's only on me to share a cache solution for phpbb, but if you don't stop insulting I could lose motivation to share it.


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I am currently hosting a phpbb forum on a private server while hosting my website through; my main question is has anybody had any experience doing something like PhpBB or other forum software on Wordpress framework? I am not really even sure what’s out there as I only use PhpBB because I remember using it 5 or more years ago

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Hi. Is this still active? Is there a solution for the latest phpBB version? I'm currently on: -

Database server: MySQL(i) 8.0.32
PHP version: 7.4.33
Board version: 3.3.10

I am selling my solution but it's not cheap because I had to spend insane amount of time making it. It involves editing phpbb files with htaccess and works for any phpbb version.


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Is there a solution for the latest phpBB version?
For the one I developed needs only to modify .htaccess and no modifications in php files are needed. It works with logged-in users as well as with guests, but phpbb isn't a cache friendly application.

However, this does not refer to the phpbb code, but to the fact that every new post or thread forces the cache to be purged. Otherwise, outdated content will constantly be displayed on cached pages. In a forum, the content changes very frequently. This circumstance makes it difficult if not impossible to operate an HTTP cache or to benefit from it.