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I'm interested in the performance of using JSP's over PHP with Litespeed. I have a few questions:

1) Using a bytecode cache like eAccelerator for PHP and the LSAPI, how does the typical performance of JSP's compare - specifically on pages-per-second (I realize that this is a hard thing to measure, but for say a database access and HTML-generation).

2) Have you found a JSP server to perform consistently better (e.g. Tomcat, Resin?).



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I do not have an answer to your question. we only try to make both run as fast as they could with LiteSpeed, have not compare performance of those two. :)

Maybe you can google for it.

JSP is more popular in the enterprise world, while PHP is more popular in pure web application.
for me i would prefer jsp, because it is important in my study right now, but as i have been browsing the web, php is more dominant. but well that's just for me, some says jsp. nonetheless, as long as it's secure and works well, why not.
I think Tomcat is performing better and consisting every time. In my office I had used Tomcat for a pretty long time and it never created any issues for me. There are many JSP servers available now. You can compare the requirements you need and then decide.

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