Is there any Joomla updates at all?

Joomla progress very much and have new outstanding versions now like Joomla 4, Joomla 4.1 that will be released 15th Feb

Is there any tests and commitments for Joomla support at all now for Litespeed tech? There have been no update or enhancements of the Joomla plugin since summer 2021!

I was thinking of buying the whole server package for a new super server set up but get very hesitant though I tested LS cache plugin before and all the time had issues with the Joomla plugin and late or none support to fix problem or doing some update.

Q: Are you going to do some update, testing and enhancements for the Joomla plg at all and if so whats the plan?

Pls get back asap though my decision to buy this server package for LS and Joomla will be within a couple of weeks....