I'm not sure caching logged in users is working

Hello. I'm a complete Litespeed novice, but have had some assistance from my server team setting it all up and I have to say, my rather bulky Wordpress website is running like lightning (using litespeed cache v2.0 on Wordpress 4.8.5

The problems however start when users login to the site. We have content which is only accessible via various membership types (using WooCommerce and a Membership management plugin). Pages just don't seem to be cached at all. Pages which non-logged in users can see and load in a flash, yet once logged in much slower load times for exactly the same pages.

Now, I wouldn't dream of blaming Litespeed for the slow speed as its typical of a Wordpress website with loads of plugins and thousands of pages... but... how can I get the site running better for logged in users.

There are 3 membership types - FREE / GOLD / PLATINUM. I understand the problems with caching logged in user content, but really there are only 4 types of content. Non logged in, free membership, gold membership and platinum membership. Is it therefore not possible to cache based on user-type?

Please go gentle with me, as I am a novice! And yes, I do have the featured turned on in the plugin settings.

Thank you :-D

That's a very good question!
I have the same issue. ESI is enabled but logged in users have no pages cached

Would be great someone from litespeed please provide details. As many users are logged in and if the website is slow for them then litespeed is therefore not very useful...

Do we need to setup crawling for every user? That seems a big job for the server especially since we need to clear cache every time we do a change to the website/add products/...

Please let us know the best practices here

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Normally logged in user should have the private cache as far as it has been enabled. You can log a ticket with us with tmp root ssh login and wordpress login, we can take a look.