I need to change the website domain and it's kinda messed up now. Please assist me! (NameCheap, Cloudflare and Google Cloud)

Van Vo

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Hello masters,

I developed a Wordpress site for my friend. I used OpenLiteSpeed on Google Cloud. Deployment, VM instance, snapshot, and all that.

I used NameCheap domain then changed its DNS to CloudFlare DNS.

Everything works well until my friend told me his domain might face a lawsuit because there is another business with the same name.

So guess what? We have to change everything now with a new domain.

So I went on NameCheap again, bought a new domain.

Then I went to Google cloud using the snapshot to create a new VM instance and use the new IP address to clone a new website (with all the old system)

Then I did all the steps again.

I also tried to create page rules in Cloudflare for the old domain to the new one. (Forwarding URLs)

But when I entered the new domains, it is said "Invalid SSL Certificate"

As I remember, when I deployed a new wordpress site, I had to go to SSH to do the "Let's Encrypt SSL" to issue a new certificate for that domain.

I wonder how I do it again? When I open SSH in the new VM instance it doesn't show that step of SSL anymore.

I am a little lost, don't know what to do.

Please help me. Thank you so much!

Screenshot 2021-08-01 at 20.57.23.png