How do I start a Ramaze app in a Ruby environment?

Also in Cpanel, I have Rubygems and Rails icons to go to those pages.

But I want to use the Ramaze framework, not the Rails framework.

How can I run a Ramaze app on Litespeed ina ruby enabled environment?


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can you make Ramaze work with cPanel + Apache?
To support Ramaze, the lsws/fcgi-bin/RailsRunner.rb must be updated, or need a dedicated RackRunner.rb, Ramaze need to use rack interface.
But I'm not using Apache, my server is using Litespeed, and this is the Litespeed forum.
Also Ramaze says that their framework is compatible with Litespeed, as it uses the Rack middleware.

Also I don't know how to start a Ramaze app on Apache as well. So Litespeed or Apache would be helpful for me.
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