How can I install OpenLiteSpeed on centOS 8 ?

I am using Linode. I found a OpenLiteSpeed-WordPress Stackscripts which is compatible with CentOS 7. I want to use it CentOS 8. Can I use on CentOS 8 without any issue?

### linode
### Install OpenLiteSpeed and WordPress
bash <( curl -sk )
### Regenerate password for Web Admin, Database, setup Welcome Message
bash <( curl -sk )
Thanks Jon. I have another question. I want to allow my ip address on this port 7080 for accessing WebAdmin. I used centOS7. But this documentation based on Ubuntu. So what is the command line for allowing my IP address?


Staff member
Hi @ranojit

There's no firewall setup on CentOS from that wordpress stackscript. You can simply check if this is "firewalld" related or not by command `service firewalld stop` first. And please check if you have network layer firewall on Linode as well.