Feature Request: Lazy Load Comments

Hello LiteSpeed Dev team,
I get a lot of comments on some of my pages and it would be useful if it was possible to lazy load them. Just like many sites do with Disqus.
Some of these pages have hundreds of comments in them. This really inflates the DOM and reduces performance.

Essentially, I'm asking for LSCache to be able to do what this plugin does

Just for clarification, I'm not talking about lazy loading the Gravatar images, I'm already implementing that... I'm talking about lazy loading the entire comment section as a whole.

Having the comment section lazy loaded would be a great addition to LSCache plugin.
And with internet ADD on the rise, most people don't even scroll all the way down to the comment section, so there's really no point in loading it for everyone.
It would be highly advantageous for the plugin to offer this feature.