Does LSCache take over all caching duties from Drupal?


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Hello. I'm looking into migrating to Litespeed+LSCache on Drupal. Our current setup is apache+php-fpm, memcached, APCu. Memcached is set as our default cache backend and we have it assigned specifically to handle render and dynamic page cache bins. APCu is set to handle the boostrap, config, discovery cache bins.

What I'm trying to figure out is what is and is not handled by LSCache and which, if any, cache bins are better or need to be handled by memcached and APCu. Does anyone have a sense of this?

My impression is that LSCache handles all Drupal cache, but then again it seems odd maybe for a webserver to keep track of session cache (maybe just due to my unfamiliarity with caching), so I don't know. Further, I know that memcached and LSCache may work in parallel, but, again, it's unclear whether memcached in the situation I've described above needs to be active when LScache is active (both as a module and on the webserver).

Thanks for your any insight y'all may have on this!
LSCache can handle most Drupal caching needs, such as page caching and object caching. Memcached is still available for session caching and APCu is still available for bootstrap, configuration, and discovery cache bins. The combination of LSWS, LSCache, Memcached, and APCu can significantly improve the performance of your Drupal website.