Do Not Cache User Agents - for Googleboot

my sites pages are not being indexed by google, after waiting a while compared to other sites there is something not quite right & after going through a process of elimination i think it might be googlebot being served up the cached pages

so under "Do Not Cache User Agents" under "excludes" under "LiteSpeed Cache Settings" what do you put in the box for Googlebot ?

so that googlebot is not served up the cached pages & gets to cache all the new pages.
Thanks very much for that, its started indesxing the pages, but much slower than normal, & that was after i purged the cache, i would have thouht this would be one of the most important & sought after answers because if google is'nt caching the new pages then everything else is irrelevant .

i was adding loads of new pages, and eventually it has started caching & indexing all of them, but only after i purged the cache, so i dont know if its that that done it.


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Basically page cache will be purged if you add/update/delete anything on it. So I am not sure why index not working until you purge it or make google bot agent as no cache.

You can test it by:
1. check page "A" is a cache miss/hit
2. edit page "A" and update
3. Revisit page "A" and it should be a miss