Debugging an app running via LSAPI


We've been deploying a bunch of rails apps via LSAPI, and until now things have went smoothly.

However, there's one aplication that doesn't seem to work. After setting it up, I attempt to bring up the website and it just times out. I've checked the LSWS vhost log and the rails production.log, neither of which show anything at all.

Running the application in mongrel works fine, and loading it up in the console shows no errors.

I'm sure it's something relatively simple, but I can't even get any log output. I tried setting the log levels to debug, but it didn't make a difference.

Any ideas?
Hah. Not a minute after posting that I found the stderr.log file which shows the exact information I need. I've now found the problem and can fix it.

So an FYI for anyone else in a similar position:

# tail -f /opt/lsws/logs/stderr.log

(assuming LSWS is installed in /opt/lsws)