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helll , i am not much famailir with jsp , java or servlet,...

can any body help me in installing ...and configuring there any special configuration for servlets?....
How to configure Ruby on Rails and JSP/Servlet


I am trying to run Ruby on Rails as well as the Servlet Engine to connect to Tomcat via AJP. I have had no problem configuring Rails but I cannot get the Servlet Engine to communicate to Tomcat. I have configured a virtual host for my Rails application and configured, at the server level, a Servlet Engine for Tomcat and a Script Handler for JSP. I tried to configure a context, in addition to Rails, for a Java Web Server but cannot every time I do my Rails context is deleted. Does anyone know how to configure Rails and JSP/Servlet correctly in Litespeed? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you very much!



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Please tell me more about your setup.
I think "/" is a "Rails" context, rails is working fine.
What URL would you like the servlets be?
You probably cannot use a WebApp Context to setup all servlets automatically for you if the Jave Web App uses "/" as well, it will conflict with the Rails Context. If it is the case, you have to define "Servlet" contexts one by one with corresponding servlet URI in the web.xml configuration.

I think jsp page should work fine, just make sure jsp files are available to lsws, copy those jsp files to the public folder of your rails application if needed.