reverse proxy

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    Pointing multiple domains to virtual host

    I'm wondering if someone can help me with this. I have tracking software running on a domain called This is hosted on a self-managed LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise; no control panels, such as c-pannel, are installed. I want to use a custom domain to keep the original...
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    Proxying domain content to a second domain on the same host

    Hi, Is it possible to proxy a site to a second domain on the same host? I tried the method through mod_rewrite, but it doesn't work because the links are not replaced in the displayed content. How to do it? I want to display this content under the link...
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    404 when LSWS is used as reverse proxy

    When I tried to load I get a 404 error. I've added vhost, listener of the 80 port, and added the vhost to the listener. I also added context and Web server in the `external app` field. Also, I added a rewrite rule. What I did wrong? Configuration of vhost: extprocessor backend...
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    how make a reverse proxy by config files

    we have a centos 7 server with litespeed as webserver now I want to make a reverse proxy to direct incomming requests from to localhost:4000 first where is litespeed virtual host config files ? then: what config do I need to apply in those files ?
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    How do I proxy traffic to a different server?

    I am new to openlitespeed and web server management in general, so excuse the question if it is rather novice. Current setup: running on openlitespeed and running on a completely separate server on the same network. What I am trying to accomplish...
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    reverse proxy, load balancing and sticky session cookie

    Hi, is the enterprise version able to support reverse proxy and load balancing with sticky session cookies (like JSESSIONID)? From the discussion in one of the forums I know that the open source version is not supporting sticky session cookies. If the enterprise version is able to handle them...