1. M

    Suexec and permissions on fresh install

    So I'm working out the kinks on a fresh LSE install. I have a single domain running a wordpress site on a vps with a clean ubuntu 22/plesk setup. Like many other people, I have some confusion over the optimal permission/ php setup. Wordpress started giving me permission errors when doing any...
  2. P

    User, groups and permissons

    Hi there, I have some questions in regards to the proper configuration of LiteSpeed (and CyberPanel): 1. Default LiteSpeed is running as user(nobody) : group(nobody) - do I need to change this? 2. What is the proper user, group and permission to set to the a web-site folder ( including...
  3. Germont

    Token error when editing products

    I edit products, and after saving, once in a while I get this error on a white screen. It happens only on LS. /admin/index.php?route=catalog/product/edit&user_token=Vd8vKvlITmnAxnjSNK81zlMPYbVjGBJi&product_id=23038 Therefore, during working hours I must switch to Apache so the owners can...