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    LiteSpeed Cache with MySQL usage

    Hello, I use LiteSpeed Cache for WordPress on most of my sites, but although there is some caching being done by the litespeed cache plugin + litespeed server, I notice database queries, litespeed cache would not have to avoid? How does Litespeed cache actually work and how does it cache? Why...
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    wordress site + a server in nodejs

    Dear Geniuses @ LiteSpeed Technologies: LiteSpeed Technologies has many products in AWS, such as CyberPanel, OpenLiteSpeed NodeJS, and so on. I don't know which one to use for my site, including a primary and two subs using WordPress and a server in nodejs. I also need MySQL(rather than...
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    Max Connections MariaDB cnf

    Hi, I have been following a tutorial and making adjustments to MariaDB cnf (config). One of the adjustments is to set the max_connections. Does adjusting the max_connections in MariaDB config affect the max connections set in the LSAPI Environment? Should they be equal? Also, do any of these...