lightspeed cache

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    Litespeed cache not serving different versions of the website as per device

    Hi, We have tried every method including a separate cache for mobile but the problem isn't going away! We see our website served mobile version on desktop and desktop version served on mobile device. This doesn't happen on all the pages of the website at once but over a few hours entire website...
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    My website is having issue with Lightspeedcache plugin

    Hi there, My website had a global heading font colour before. Which I changed from blue to pink. But when I visit the website I can still see the old heading text colour. But only the time of loading. After getting fully loaded, there is no issue. Issue persist only when the website loads...
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    My /usr/local/lsws/cachedata folder is 70GB

    Hi. My /usr/local/lsws/cachedata folder is 70GB in size, out of 160GB DigitalOcean droplet running Ubuntu 18.04. All the sub-folders are dated two years ago (January 2020) and I just want to know if it is safe to delete them all. Thank you for your time and effort. Cheers.
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    Using LS Crawler, x-qc-cache: miss

    I’m using Lightspeed Cache plugin for Wordpress and Quic Cloud CDN. Everything seems to be set correctly on both ends. Crawler successfully crawls and caches site every 11,000 seconds. However, I am getting x-qc-cache: miss for first visit. Then, second visit is lightning quick with a “hit.” I...