image optimization

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    Different settings for uploaded webp images

    Hi everyone, Before installing Litespeed in my website, I've already did the heavy work of optimizing my images (Upload converted images in Webp). I was just wondering if I should enable some settings that - I think - won't work for my images ( Screenshot 1 ).The screenshot shows no image...
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    LiteSpeed Cache Image Optimization cdn works fine, but when I press "gather image data" in the image optimization tab, it gives this error img_optm table could not be created! SQL: CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `wp40_litespeed_img_optm` () DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_520_ci;. img_optming table...
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    webp ?

    Hello I launched an image optimization and I had to configure without webp because I fear that some browser does not display it, or badly (wrongly?) See here But, I check the optimization and see that it's marked webp under each image. See here How can it be ?
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    Images completely out of focus only on front page

    Hey there, I have a very strange problem with my images and I do not know how to fix it. On my front page the pictures most of the times are completely out of focus. The first picture is sharp most of the time but when you keep scrolling, all the other pictures are low res. On every other page...
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    image optimization doesn't wrok

    Hey, The image optimization for litespeed cache seems to not working. It stops after 1 group and 1 image and it's running for almost 24 hours. The screenshot is attached. Can you please tell me what is the possible problem and how to solve it? Thanks.
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    Litespeed image optimisations and WebP in Safari

    Hi, Obviously WebP does not work in Safari and not sure when if ever it will be implemented but is there some way of serving the original files to just Safari browsers? Currently I have all images being served as WebP and everything works in fine in Chrome and Firefox. For safari users the...
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    Image optimization using with S3-Uploads

    Has anyone successfully used image optimization feature with WordPress plug-ins such as S3-Uploads? We tried it on one of our websites but it seems to be not working: No errors during send optimization request No errors during image pull Litespeed optimization column on media manager shows...
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    Enable Cache for custom PHP server

    Hi, I have my own custom php server hosted at a2hosting and they use litespeed for caching. I want to enable Caching via litespeed manually without plugins. I read the documentation and i cant find what i want. I want the following: 1. Enable cache for images only 2. How to optimize images...
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    Image Optimization

    Hello, i try to find out which image optimization i should use for a wordpress site with over 5000 images. As it takes very long with the cache plugin, i think about using as they have very good recommendations (about 60-70% losless reduction in size). On the other side i have very...