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    LiteSpeed Cache Crawler v6.0.0.1 documents

    Hello Happy new year I want to know how can I change the color of the crawler from blue to green? Blue means = Cache Miss Green means = Cache Hit I couldn't find the information for those color and how can I fixed theme, Thanks
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    Is there another method of running the Crawler

    Hello, LiteSpeed Crawler is not active on the server where my site is located. The service provider does not allow it to be activated. Is there any other way I can get the Crawler feature to work? Thanks in advance for your interest and help. Regards!
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    Using LS Crawler, x-qc-cache: miss

    I’m using Lightspeed Cache plugin for Wordpress and Quic Cloud CDN. Everything seems to be set correctly on both ends. Crawler successfully crawls and caches site every 11,000 seconds. However, I am getting x-qc-cache: miss for first visit. Then, second visit is lightning quick with a “hit.” I...
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    Problem with sitemap

    Hola a todos, Estoy teniendo problemas con un sitio web (prestashop1767). Hoy mismo he descargado vuestro módulo y el crawler. Lo ejecuto por consola, pero sólo me hace el último idioma que aparece en el xml del sitemap. No se muy bien qué está pasando porque lo uso en otras tiendas que también...
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    Crawler and website mobile version

    Hi, I have a desktop and mobile versions of the website. Depending on the user agent a different version of the website is displayed. In Litespeed cache I have enabled Cache Mobile option in settings. My question is does Litespeed cache crawler honor the Cache Mobile option and creates two...