How to speed up Rails initialization even more

Litespeed attempts to make starting up very fast, and it does so by initializing the Rails framework in a parent process, then doing the fork. That way, all that disk-scouring to find all the rails files, which takes about 6 seconds of heavy iowait, is only done once.

If you want to speed things up even more you can load your controller files in the environment, rather than on demand. That way, they'll be pre-loaded for your child processes.

if RAILS_ENV=='production'
require_dependency 'application'
Dir.foreach( "#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/models" ) {|f| $logger.d "r #{f}"; silence_warnings{require_dependency f} if f =~ /\.rb$/}
Dir.foreach( "#{RAILS_ROOT}/app/controllers" ) {|f| $logger.d "r #{f}"; silence_warnings{require_dependency f} if f =~ /\.rb$/}

If you're using engines (I am), you'll want to throw in your engine directories in there too.

Thanks for fantasydreaming user of our forum contributing this tip.

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  • Last modified: 2015/07/29 14:06
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