Install LiteSpeed Web Server from RPM

LiteSpeed Web Server Enterprise Edition can be easily installed or upgraded from our CentOS repositories for CentOS and AlmaLinux systems.

If you are using LSWS with a control panel, we do not suggest installing it from our repository, as the RPM installation contains settings not customized for control panels. For cPanel, Plesk, and DirectAdmin users, LSWS can be installed and upgraded from the control panel. LSWS can also be installed for other control panels using our command line installation.

Add the Repository

Use the following commands to add one of our repositories:

CentOS 6:

rpm -ivh

CentOS 7:

rpm -ivh

CentOS 8 or AlmaLinux 8:

rpm -ivh

Install LSWS Packages

Run any of the following commands to install LSWS on your server. Be sure to have root access and select correct package.

# For non-cpanel installs
yum install lsws
# For using LSWS with cPanel
yum install lsws-cpanel

Available LSWS Packages

The following packages are available in the LiteSpeed Repository:

lsws.i386: LiteSpeed Web Server CentOS 32 bit
lsws.i686: LiteSpeed Web Server CentOS 64 bit
lsws-cpanel.i386: LiteSpeed Web Server CentOS 32 bit set up for use with WHM
lsws-cpanel.i686: LiteSpeed Web Server CentOS 64 bit set up for use with WHM 
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