When using proxy in front of your web server, you may see a proxy IP instead of real IP addresses of visitors.

To restore real visitor IPs simply enable the Use Client IP in Header option to “Trusted ip only” in the General Settings section of the Configuration page in your LiteSpeed Web Admin Console and add proxy IPs to trusted IP list. Please refer to similar setting on cloudflare.

For example, a Citrix Netscaler device serves the original IP record. By setting it to use “X-Forwarded-For”, which is a standard header for that purpose, you should then see the visitors' original IPs.

You may also see gateway ip/proxy ip with some null requests. This is normal. After one request is served, the IP will be reset to the LB IP before a new request arrives. When a new request arrives with the “x-Forwarded-For” header, it will be updated. For keep-alive connections, in between two requests, the LB IP will shown on the real time request list.

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  • Last modified: 2016/06/17 13:24
  • by Jackson Zhang